Captain Snoop's Space Trip

The story revolves around an entertainingly edited journey through the solar system. "The good-natured dog Captain Snoop and Sergeant Tuk, a clumsy toucan, visit the planets of our solar system with the children in the intelligent spaceship Argo," says producer Rolf Stökler, summarising the idea. The children are involved in the space journey, for example to save the spaceship from the heat of the sun. You will then experience, among other things, a low-level flight over Mars, through gorges and past the largest volcano in the solar system. And you will land on the moon and explore the environment there. Before flying home to earth, the other planets in our solar system will also be visited. Quite the adventure!

Planetarium Laupheim worked with external professionals to produce the new children's show. "We managed to get the children's book author Martin Klein to write the script and the illustrator Jochen Stuhrmann to do the drawings," says Rolf Stökler. The new children's program was made available to our planetarium under a free license from the Volkssternwarte Laupheim e.V.


Laupheim Planetarium

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Release date:6 June 2023, 17:20
Duration:01 m 06 s
Frame rate:25 fps

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