Teacher Training

The ESO Supernova offers teacher training sessions several times per year in collaboration with partners such as the Haus der Astronomie. These sessions cover a variety of topics and connect teachers with active scientists and engineers, allowing training participants to see and understand how a professional astronomical observatory works. Teachers also try out hands-on activities, which are always designed with the curriculum in mind, and will show teachers how astronomy can be used to inspire students in all areas of STEM.

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Teacher Training on "Zeit und Wandel: Erde, Mond und Sonne und der Tages-, Monat-, und Jahresrhythmus" organised by ESO Supernova, UNAWE and the Deutsches Museum, delivered by Dr Cecilia Scorza (Haus der Astronomie/ESO). This event took place on 23 and 24 November 2015 at the Deutsches Museum. Credit: ESO