For teachers

The ESO Supernova is offering an extensive educational programme for Kindergarten groups starting from age 4, and both primary and high school classes. All the various subjects that the programme deals with are curriculum orientated, and are brought into an astronomical context and connected with the latest discoveries and developments at the European Southern Observatory. In this way ESO is bringing cutting edge science into the classroom, encouraging inquiry around curriculum based learning.

What is the educational programme?

The educational programme consists of an age-appropriate tour of the exhibition that ranges 2200 square metres, a planetarium show and an age-appropriate workshop. Each part of the programme lasts approximately one hour for primary and high school students, and approximately 30 minutes for Kindergarten. Therefore you can plan approximately three hours for the entire educational programme (for Kindergarten approximately 1.5 hours). You can, of course, book only parts of the educational programme.

On what days is the educational programme offered?

The ESO Supernova is offering the educational programme from Wednesday to Friday, but not on public holidays. During school holidays you can also book the educational programme but the starting time and the title of the planetarium shows may change.

How many people can take part?

To have an worthwhile experience the number of participants should not exceed 30.

How much does it cost?

The workshops, the entrance of ESO Supernova, the exhibition and the planetarium shows are all free of charge. Donations are very welcome.

Planning your educational programme:

The schedule of your visit depends a lot on the starting time of the planetarium show you’ve chosen. These times are fixed and you’ll find them in the ESO Supernova online calendar as well as the titles of the shows.

The show for Kindergarten starts (from 1st July on) at 10:00, the one for primary school kids at 11:30. At 14:00 and 15:30 a show for secondary school kids is shown, some of them in English. Once you’ve chosen a show, the schedule of the other two parts (tour & workshop) of the educational programme can be arranged.

For Kindergarten and primary school kids the educational programme will therefore be in the morning, and for secondary school kids the educational programme will preferably be in the afternoon. It is possible that you will not be able to find any scheduled planetarium shows in the online calendar from a certain date onwards. That will be because we haven’t finished the planning of the programme beyond that date. We then ask for your patience.

Booking the educational programme:

  • Planetarium show only and a visit of the exhibition (on your own): In this case you just go to your preferred date in the ESO online calendar, click on the show you’d like to see and make a reservation. If you need more than 10 tickets you’ll have to repeat the reservation process or send us an email with all necessary information so we can take care of the reservation.

  • Planetarium show, guided tour of the exhibition and workshop: In that case go to the ESO online calendar and search for a date at which no events others than planetarium shows are indicated in the morning (for Kindergarten and primary school kids) or in the afternoon respectively (for older kids or secondary school kids). If you’ve found one this could be a possible date for your visit. In the online calendar you can also find out if the planetarium show you want to visit has enough free seats for your group - just click on the show. If you’re satisfied with your choice please fill out the form below and submit it to ESO Supernova. Without this form we cannot deal with your booking request. We’ll check your request as soon as possible and come back to you later on.