Food and Beverages

The ESO Supernova has vending machines with snacks and cold drinks in the picnic area in the basement, with an adjacent sun terrace. You are also very welcome to use the area to consume food and drink brought from home.

There are vending stands offering additional food just outside ESO. If you wish to end your day at the ESO Supernova with a visit to a food stand or nice restaurant, you can choose from several different ones in the Galileo Centre by the U-Bahn entrance, which is a five-minute walk from the exhibition. You can also visit the small nearby town of Garching, which has several restaurants offering different cuisines. Garching is the next stop south on the U-Bahn, around five minutes by car, or 30 minutes on foot.


This image shows the picnic area of the ESO Supernova, where visitors can take a break from exploring our captivating astronomical exhibition. Visitors can enjoy snacks and cold drinks served from vending machines, as well relax on the the adjacent sun terrace. Credit: ESO/P. Horálek