If you want to become a partner, check the section "Support Us" to see all the opportunities, benefits and experiences we provide! ESO offers eleven different baselines for partnerships, from donations and sponsorships to in-kind contributions. To simplify matters, the partnership levels are split into the following categories (customised solutions are naturally also possible). In this section we list or current partners — click on the links to see who they are!

Institutional Partners

Individual Donors


Visibility in Numbers

Visitor capacity: 150 000 per year
The ESO website: Four million visits per year.
ESO's Facebook page: 240 000+ friends.
ESO's Twitter account: 49 000+ followers.
The Messenger: Quarterly journal with a print run of 3600 copies per issue.
ESO's electronic newsletters: 40 000+ subscribers, distributed in 30+ languages.
ESOcast: The ESOcast is in the Top-40 Science podcasts in iTunes.
Typical print run for flyers: 100 000 copies.


If you are interested in becoming our partner please contact us.

For more details, we invite you to consult our brochure in English or in German.