Interactive astronomical exhibition

Experience the Universe! The ESO Supernova hosts an outstanding, modern and interactive astronomical exhibition, which is as entertaining as it is educational. Explore, touch, use real astronomical artefacts and conduct experiments to get an idea of what it means to be an astronomer, to work in science, and to discover the mysteries of the Universe.

The first permanent exhibition is called The Living Universe, and covers the topic of life in the Universe in the broadest sense. It connects visitors with topics that can seem very distant and abstract by focusing on the human–Universe connection, general astronomy, life in the Universe, and how we observe the Universe using ESO facilities. It is designed by Design und Mehr in collaboration with HITS gGmbH and ESO.

Investigate all 13 different themes of the 2200 m2 exhibition or select your own highlights. Choose the depth of knowledge you would like for every single item, giving you complete control over how deeply you would like to delve into the fascinating science of astronomy.

The exhibition includes a small modern 3D cinema where you can enjoy 3D and 2D movies in English and German.

How long you stay is up to you — you can spend just 30 minutes on a quick walkthrough, or up to four hours on an in-depth study of all the exhibits. Or even make several visits, concentrating on a different part of the exhibition each time!

The exhibition also caters to teachers and educators in Bavaria and elsewhere by including educational concepts from school curricula, allowing teachers to use parts of the exhibition to support and enhance the way in which they cover the school curricula.

All information in the exhibition is available in English and German. Like the planetarium and the guided tours, the exhibition is free of charge!


Credit: Architekten Bernhardt + Partner (