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The ESO Supernova is your facility! It is a non-profit centre dedicated to education . This does mean, however, that we appreciate any support to allow us to engage and inspire as many people as possible. The ESO Supernova is seeking funding to cover costs for production equipment, and to cover some of the operating expenses.

ESO invites you to be part of the significant impression that ESO Supernova makes on the hearts and minds of visitors, who come from the local community, Germany, Europe and worldwide. By joining us, you can play a major role in the promotion of science and technology and in inspiring future generations to continue breaking scientific and technological frontiers.

Donate here: Check the benefits and the list of current donors in the table below.

Your contributions will be put to use immediately and are essential to our efforts to inspire children, engage adult learners, and provide resources for educators every year. 100% of your contribution is guaranteed to be spent on education and outreach.

ESO enjoys a special status in Germany as an organisation of public interest and is registered as an ED Certified organisation. Donations to the ESO Supernova are therefore tax deductible in Germany and elsewhere. 

ESO offers eleven different baselines for partnerships, from donations and sponsorships to in-kind contributions. To simplify matters, the partnership levels are split into the following categories (customised solutions are naturally also possible):


Visibility in Numbers

Visitor capacity: 100 000 per year.
The ESO website: Four million visits per year.
ESO's Facebook page: 270 000+ friends.
ESO's Twitter account: 67 000+ followers.
ESO's electronic newsletters: 50 000+ subscribers, distributed in 30+ languages.
Typical print run for flyers: 15 000 — 20 000 copies.


If you are interested in becoming our partner please contact us.

The Equivalency Determination on File “badge” means that the organisation was at one time determined by NGOsource to be equivalent to a U.S. public charity or government instrumentality for a specific funder during a specific period of time.

NGOsource Equivalency Determination on File