Will life on Earth survive Homo Sapiens?

The Universe holds many dangers. But in the end, the biggest threat to human survival is probably humankind itself. Unfortunately, we have the ability to turn Earth into an uninhabitable planet.

At some point in the distant future, the Earth will be destroyed, whether by a large asteroid impact, by the death of our own Sun, by a nearby supernova, or by some other astronomical phenomenon. But there is a much more immediate threat to the survival of the Earth, and that is the way we are treating our home planet and other living species. Through astronomy and space science, we have learned to see Earth as a vulnerable world in a big Universe. We need to realise that this small planet of ours deserves to be taken care of. Sentient and intelligent as we are, we have that responsibility.

We can't do much about asteroid impacts or supernova explosions. But we can do a lot to keep our home planet alive and green. Are you willing to help?