Could we live without the Moon and a magnetic field?

Both the Moon and the Earth’s magnetic field have helped to keep our planet hospitable towards life. Think of that, next time you’re enjoying a romantic Full Moon or an aurora.

Compared to the Earth, Mars is a very hostile place. The orientation of the planet’s rotational axis has changed dramatically in the geological past, causing catastrophic changes in climate. The planet’s surface is continuously bombarded by lethal particles, both from the Sun and from deep space. In contrast, Earth’s large Moon stabilises our planet and its climate. The magnetic field of the Earth shields us from cosmic rays and solar wind particles. Aurorae remind us that some particles still penetrate this magnetic shield: they cause the atmosphere to glow.

Without the Moon, the Earth’s climate would become unstable. Without the Earth’s magnetic field, our planet would be bathed in deadly radiation. Thank you, Moon and magnetic field!