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Kosmisches Kino Series continues

Explore the mysteries of astrochemistry and the origins of life on Earth

13 June 2024

On Thursday 11 July 2024, the next Kosmisches Kino "How do you bring stardust to life?" takes place. Tickets are available now for this english language event.

On Thursday, 11 July 2024 at 19:00, Marta De Simone from the European Southern Observatory (ESO) will take us on an astrochemical journey through the Universe: from the stellar nurseries that forge molecules of life, to interstellar gas clouds where these molecules evolve, to distant planetary systems. "How do you bring stardust to life?" will shed light on the wondrous dance between chemistry and astronomy and the cosmic origins of life as we know it.

The lecture series Kosmisches Kino is a collaboration between ESO and the ORIGINS Cluster of Excellence and presents current research topics. The ORIGINS Excellence Cluster combines astrophysics, particle physics and biophysics to investigate the formation of the Universe and the origin of life. 

Have you ever wondered how life emerged on our planet? Life on Earth is based on molecules that contain carbon atoms. Carbon is so important for terrestrial life that has its own field of research: organic chemistry. However, our planet is primarily made of water, rocks and metals where inorganic chemistry rules. And despite the inhospitable nature of the cosmos, organic molecules are abundant in the vastness of space. So where does all this organic chemistry come from that leads to the building blocks of life? In this Kosmisches Kino, we travel through space and time to unravel the mysteries of astrochemistry and its profound impact on the origin of life on Earth.

Admission to the approximately one-hour-long evening event with planetarium visualisations, a live lecture and open discussion costs 6.50 Euros per person. The event is aimed at people aged 12 years and over. This event will be in English. Tickets can be purchased on the ESO Supernova website.


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Kosmisches Kino Astrochemistry
Kosmisches Kino Astrochemistry
Kosmisches Kino Astrochemistry poster
Kosmisches Kino Astrochemistry poster