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New Lecture Series: Kosmisches Kino

8 May 2024

On Thursday, 13 June 2024 a new series of lectures will be launched in the planetarium. Kosmisches Kino combines planetarium visualisations with live lectures by researchers.

Kosmisches Kino (Cosmic Cinema) takes visitors into the breathtaking depths of space. Researchers from the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and the ORIGINS Cluster of Excellence will accompany you on your journey through the cosmos with selected excerpts from planetarium films and an associated lecture.

Sit back and marvel. Want to know more? Just ask! Kosmisches Kino events take place under the dome of the planetarium. They offer all visitors, no prior knowledge required, an atmospheric insight into the world of research and provide you with new insights. At the end of the event, the researchers answer questions from the audience.

On Thursday 13 June Martin J. Losekamm starts the series with his talk "What role does cosmic radiation play in human space travel?". He will report on what insights have been gained in recent decades through measurements on the International Space Station (ISS) and in laboratory experiments on Earth and what questions are still open.

The lecture series Kosmisches Kino is a collaboration between ESO and the ORIGINS Cluster of Excellence and presents current research topics. The ORIGINS Excellence Cluster combines astrophysics, particle physics and biophysics to investigate the formation of the Universe and the origin of life. The lectures address exciting questions that current research is investigating: Is there a common thread connecting the Big Bang with the origin of life? How do you measure radiation from space and its effect on humans? Where and how do planets and stars form? What is Dark Matter? What are the building blocks of life on Earth and do they exist elsewhere in space? These and many other questions will be addressed over the course of the event series.

Starting 13 June 2024, Kosmisches Kino will be held regularly on the second Thursday of the month in the ESO Supernova Planetarium. The lectures take place in German or English. The language will be specified on the booking page. Admission to the approximately one-hour-long evening event with planetarium visualisations, a live lecture and open discussion costs 6.50 Euros per person. The event is aimed at people aged 12 years and over.



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Kosmisches Kino key visual
Kosmisches Kino key visual
Kosmisches Kino poster [German]
Kosmisches Kino poster [German]
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