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New Planetarium Show: Dark Side of Light

7 March 2024

From Sunday 24 March, visitors can enjoy a new planetarium show: Dark Side of Light in the ESO Supernova.

Dark Side of Light takes viewers on an educational journey on the topic of light pollution. You will find out what effects the bright light of our cities and industry has on animals, plants and us humans. Because the consequences are significantly greater than a sparse view of the starry sky due to the illuminated night. What can we do to meet the challenges?

The starry night sky has been a source of inspiration for us humans for thousands of years. Nowadays we can only admire the starry sky in all its beauty in very remote areas. Or in planetariums, where the “night” can always be shown as deep black – just like in the great outdoors, far away from cities and disturbing light sources. 

But light pollution doesn't just obscure the view of the stars. It can also irritate and negatively affect plants, animals and people. Artificial light also disrupts our natural day-night rhythm, which can lead to sleep disorders with all its negative consequences.

Dark Side of Light was co-funded by the Erasmus+ program and shows how we disrupt our environment through light pollution. Recommendations for action are also given and what we can personally do to address the problem are explained.

From 24 March, Dark Side of Light will be featured regularly in the ESO Supernova planetarium programme. Tickets cost 6,50 Euro per person for the ca. one-hour-long show, which includes a live presentation of the night sky before the film. The show is recommended for children age 9 years and up.  


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Dark Side of Light — Poster (English)
Dark Side of Light — Poster (English)