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tunnel.visions brings more music under the dome

experience unique modern sounds accompanied by stunning visuals in the planetarium

7 February 2024

On Saturday 2. March 2024 tunnel.visions returns to the ESO Supernova once more, for more performances in the immersive environment of the planetarium. The 360-degree tilted dome will be a gateway to the Universe, during a journey like no other, on electronically-inspired beats and instrumental improvisation. 

Doors to the ESO Supernova open at 19:30 and the first act - musicians Theresa Zaremba and Teresa Allgaier, who play together as Fallwander - will begin their Ambient Chamber Pop set at 20:00 in the planetarium. After a short interval, the second act - instrumentalist Dani Scheffels, from Starnberg - will begin his unique mixed genre set at 21:30. 

Only 109 tickets are available for the concert, costing 25 Euros each. To reserve your seat and learn more about the concerts, go to the event webpage.

tunnel.visions is a Munich-based festival series and an independent record label that releases distinct music focused on experimental and cross-genre currents. tunnel.visions examines various aspects of pop-cultural ZEITGEIST and blends musical styles such as indie/alternative, modern jazz, electronic and classical music.


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Tunnel Visions X Key Visual [02.03.2024]
Tunnel Visions X Key Visual [02.03.2024]
Tunnel Visions X Poster [02.03.2024]
Tunnel Visions X Poster [02.03.2024]