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Astronomy inspired art

From 17 May until 2 July 2023, the ESO Supernova will host a small temporary exhibition of paintings by Nataliia Chiuko.

11 May 2023

All the matter in the Universe, including us, arises through the cosmic origin, with all elements heavier than hydrogen being produced by stellar nucleo-synthesis processes, in the hearts of stars. Earth, and everything on it, and in it, comes from the remnants of ancient exploded stellar cores. Some of this stardust is organised in such a way that it becomes human bodies, and somehow we develop consciousness. Some of these organised bits of stardust put great effort into producing, from other bits of stardust, devices that can detect and record images and data from the mighty universe that surrounds us. One particular piece of organised stardust, known as Nataliia Chuiko, is inspired by the results of these efforts to produce replicas of these images using oil and canvas (more stardust).

Nataliia Chuiko is a native of the industrial city of Dnipropetrovsk (or “Dnipro”), lying on the banks of the Dnieper river, in Ukraine. Natalia has two degrees, one in Psychology and one in Metallurgy (which reflects some broadness of interests), and is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Psychology at the Ukrainian University in Munich.

In 2015 Nataliia began to seriously develop her interest in oil painting, inspired by her grandfather, who was also an artist.

The paintings will be on display for the enjoyment of any other bits of organized stardust that pass through the ESO Supernova.


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