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Ark Noir Concert — Tunnel Visions X

Electronic-inspired beats & instrumental improvisation under the dome

11 November 2019

On 29 November 2019, Ark Noir returns to the ESO Supernova with a live concert. After a successful session in April 2019, the band is ready for another performance in the immersive environment of the planetarium. The 360-degree tilted dome will be a gateway to the Universe, during a journey like no other, on electronically-inspired beats and instrumental improvisation. Drawing inspiration from Jazz, Hip-Hop, Dub, Beatmusic and Techno, the band creates a fresh and undogmatic sound, their signature.

Performing for you will be:

Sax & EWI – Moritz Stahl
Keyboards – Sam Hylton
Guitare – Tilman Brandl
E-Bass – Robin Jermer
Drums – Marco Dufner

Opening act: Delusional Circuits (Niklas Bühler) and Polygonia, two musicians who never stop exploring new possibilities within sound while developing their own creations. They use various methods to synthesise cosmic atmospheric landscapes, which take you on a vivid trip through a world of emotional depths.

During the concerts, there will be video projections in fulldome, spacy and abstract, live mixed by VJs  L. Calçada, J. Hoffmann and L. Treibenreif.

Only 109 tickets are available for the concert, costing 20 Euros each. To reserve your seat and learn more about the concerts, follow this link.

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The ESO Supernova Planetarium & Visitor Centre

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Tania Johnston
ESO Supernova Coordinator
Garching bei München, Germany

Oana Sandu
Community Coordinator & Communication Strategy Officer
ESO Department of Communication

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Ark Noir — Tunnel Visions X Poster
Ark Noir — Tunnel Visions X Poster