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Stellar Night Concert by Stan Dart

Join us on a musical journey through the stars

2 October 2019

It seems that many of us forget to look up at the stars and see their beauty, especially those of us living in cities. Stellar Night by Stan Dart will take you on a musical journey through the Universe, combining chillout and ambient styles, soundtrack and (sometimes) dance elements. The goal? To remind you that nature is still the best artist we know. The concert takes place on 26 October inside the ESO Supernova planetarium. Only 218 tickets are available.

Born in the year that NASA first landed on the Moon, Stan got involved in music as a teenager through creating mixtapes of his favourite music. As a child of the 80s, the music of this decade was formative for Stan. Songs by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Propaganda, Depeche Mode, ELO and Queen accompanied him throughout these years. During this time, Stan developed a love of soundtracks and electronic music. Listening to Vangelis and Kitaro, James Horner, Jan Hammer and, later on, Hans Zimmer, had a huge impact on his music.

Besides making his own tracks, since 2009 Stan has been working with artists from Germany, the UK, the USA and Austria, to name just a few, to produce collaborations, jingles and remixes.

Stan’s fascination for astronomy shines through in his music. Many impressions flow from his chilled, ambient sounds: the depth of space, the unknown frontier which is yet to be explored, and nature itself as an unbeatable creator of beauty.

Join us for a unique experience under the 360-degree inclined dome of the ESO Supernova planetarium. Stan’s music will combine with images of the Universe, projected all around, to create an immersive environment that will leave you in awe of our place in the cosmos. Tickets cost 20 euros and can be purchased online. Only 218 tickets are available, 109 for each of the two shows scheduled on the evening of 26 October. Each show lasts about 70 minutes and is recommended to all above 16 years of age.

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Key visual for "Stellar Night"
Key visual for "Stellar Night"