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22 December 2022

Dear educators and others interested in the educational programme of ESO Supernova! 

The year is nearing its end, and ESO Supernova will close from 18 December 2022. However, we will be back for you from Wednesday 4 January 2023.  

Again this year, many kindergarten and school groups came to visit us, so that we were able to engage more than 7800 pupils and over 750 teachers in science and technology. We were particularly pleased that a quarter of the secondary schools were Middle schools and Realschule, and we hope that this trend will continue. ESO Supernova has established itself as an extracurricular learning place for educational institutions from all over Europe, with schools from 9 different nations visiting us. We have started a wonderful partnership with the Forscherstation in the field of early childhood education, which expands our offer for kindergartens and primary schools. The training course "Sun, Moon and Stars", which runs until 1 March 2023, was fully booked in a short time and there will be more to come.  

Next year we will again be here for you with planetarium shows, guided tours and workshops. You can see from the above figures that we cannot offer a guided tour or workshop to every educational institution, but we try to do what is possible. Bookings up to the end of February can already be made now, and dates up to the end of July will be released on 13 January 2023. Please use our booking portal. The education programme remains free of charge for kindergarten and school groups - we would appreciate a donation. Another training course for educators will start in 2023, a training for secondary school teachers is being prepared and we will also participate in Girls' Day again. You will find out the exact dates in the newsletter.   

So there are plenty of reasons to look forward to next year and to come and visit us at ESO Supernova. 

Happy holidays and we hope to see you soon! 

Wolfgang Vieser
(Education Coordinator)

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