School Trip Package

Field trips to the ESO Supernova will transport teachers and their classes into space, offering them an unforgettable learning experience. Enjoy an exciting day at our centre, where you will have a chance to learn about some basic astronomical concepts such as the properties of light, celestial mechanics and coordinates, constellations, deep sky objects, distances, the Big Bang and more. The educational programmes on offer are aimed at groups from kindergarten to 13th grade.

ESO Supernova offers teachers and their classes a complete school trip package. This package includes a guided tour for your class, reserved seats in an educational planetarium show appropriate to the age of the class, plus a workshop led by an ESO Supernova educator. Children can acquire knowledge in the planetarium show in an entertaining way and have the chance to ask questions regarding the exhibition and the show during the guided tour. Finally, they also have the chance to perform independent experiments and deepen the experience they had in the planetarium and during the tour. Like the planetarium show, the guided tour and the workshop are adapted to the age of the class.

A full visit will last — depending on the time slot — between three and four hours. These packages are available in German as well as English.

An online booking form for the free ESO Supernova school trips will be provided.

There are no workshops or special guided tours for school classes on offer during school vacations. Please check the daily programme or this page for information on the vacation programme.


An artist’s rendering of the most distant quasar. Credit: ESO/M. Kornmesser