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14 October 2020

  ESO Supernova Press Releases

New planetarium show: Unseen Universe — look at the sky with superhuman eyes — Produced in association with ESO, the show brings you a spectacular look into new telescope technology

14 October 2020: How do astronomers explore the Universe beyond the human senses? The newest show included in the ESO Supernova programme offers an insight into the greatest revolution in astronomy since the ...

  ESO Supernova Announcements

Change to weekend opening hours for ESO Supernova

9 October 2020: Following the feedback from our weekend visitors, who have commented that the current opening hours don’t allow them enough time to easily explore our interactive exhibition, we are pleased ...

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ESO Calendar 2021 Now Available

30 September 2020: The 2021 edition of one of our most popular products, the ESO Calendar, is now available and can be purchased from the online ESOshop and in the ESO Supernova Planetarium ...

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ESO Press Releases
Concentric Circles  Trails of Stars over Paranal  Encircling Antu  Flowers of stellar wind could be due to stellar companions  Shooting lasers, guiding the eye 

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